If you hunger for meaningful relationships and conversations with other women about the gifts and struggles of life and faith in our contemporary context, these groups may be for you.  Through the sharing stories and collective wisdom, the reading and engaging of books and writings of spiritual significance and sharing prayer and spiritual practice, women are invited into authentic and life-giving relationships with God, self and others, and into more gentle, joyful, and purposeful ways of being human.  

Women's Spirituality Group - Spring 2016

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

Every other Tuesday, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

February 7- May 16, 2017 

Dates:  Feb 7 & 21, Mar 7 & 21, Apr 4 & 18, May 2 & 16 (Eight sessions total)

A journal can become a sacred place.  Mere blank pages are transformed into a site where you can record the most intimate parts of your soul.  A place where you can travel with your deepest thoughts and confessions.  A place where you can slip off the mask of who you are supposed to be and slip into something more comfortable: who you really are.” (Margaret Feinberg)

Journaling has been such a significant part of my spiritual journey, I can't even say who or where I would be without it.  It's one of the primary spiritual practices I've cultivated for understanding myself, processing life, and praying and discerning in the company of the divine.  So in this season’s Women’s Spirituality Group, I’m excited about deepening the practice and exploring it in community, using Christina Baldwin's book Life's Companion:  Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice as a guide.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned journaler or are brand new to the practice, my hope is that this book and group will provide a life-giving way to introduce or build upon your own journal writing.  And the group will continue to offer safe and sacred space for women to show up and share their lives, whether that comes from a journal and the readings or not. 

Investment:  $40 per session ($30 for St. Bart’s members)
Space limited to eight women; sign up by January 31

Contact Kimberly at 404-275.3328 or kgbroerman@yahoo.com for more information or to register.