If you hunger for meaningful relationships and conversations with other women about the gifts and struggles of life and faith in our contemporary context, these groups may be for you.  Through the sharing stories and collective wisdom, the reading and engaging of books and writings of spiritual significance and sharing prayer and spiritual practice, women are invited into authentic and life-giving relationships with God, self and others, and into more gentle, joyful, and purposeful ways of being human.  

Women's Spirituality Group - Spring 2019

Extending the Table: Realizing a More Spacious, Inclusive Spirituality

Every other Friday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

January 25- May 17, 2019

Dates:  Jan 25, Feb 2 & 22, Mar 8 & 22, Apr 5 & 19, May 3 & 17 (Nine sessions total)

Many seekers reach places in their spiritual journeys where they realize their ideas of God are too small, or they question what they've been taught to believe, or they feel called to love and embrace someone who was previously the "other."  But raising questions, expressing doubts, or holding different ideas and beliefs can put us at odds with friends and family, perhaps our church or "organized religion" itself.  It can feel like a lonely journey, and yet we know we have to stay true to the longings and convictions that pull us in new directions.  Perhaps we've been quietly searching and/or suffering for years.

And yet something about these last few years won't let us hide or stay quiet.  There is so much more at stake, the suffering and injustice is so rampant, and we cannot abide many of the actions and policies taking place, especially when the Christian faith is used to justify what seems so antithetical to the way of Jesus.  We feel called to stand up and speak out, to come out of the closet as a different kind of Christian, and to reckon with our own participation in unjust systems in unprecedented ways.

We long for authentic spiritual community, where we can wrestle and grow, mess up and experience mercy, stretch and stumble toward more and more love and grace. 

If you hunger for a more spacious spirituality where God is limitless love, where all are welcome, and everything belongs.

If you have been deeply troubled by the state of affairs these last few years, but struggle to know what is best to do . . .

If you want to continue to grow your own heart and soul's capacity for love, to hold and to tend the great suffering and injustice of our time . . .  

I invite you to join this season's Women's Spirituality Group.    

In this season's Women's Spirituality Group, we will engage together in a robust and searching conversation about what it means to be Christian in these particular times, how we have felt called to expand our ideas, our faith, our hearts, our tables.  Through the sharing of our own journeys toward a more spacious and inclusive spirituality, the reading of pastor and popular blogger John Pavlovitz's book A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community, and practices of prayer and meditation, we will seek to be and build the kind of community we believe God wants, guided by the values Pavlovitz commends: radical hospitality, total authenticity, true diversity, and agenda-free community. Come find grounding, hope, and inspiration for living in these disturbing times.

Investment:  $30 per session ($25 for St. Bart’s members)
Space limited to eight women; sign up by January 18

Contact Kimberly at 404-275.3328 or kgbroerman@yahoo.com for more information or to register.