In today’s world, we often keep such busy and complex schedules, it can be challenging to find time to explore and nourish our spiritual lives.  Retreats and workshops offer us much needed rest and renewal, and a focused time and safe space to attend to what’s really going on inside us, and attend to God’s presence and movement in our lives.  Gathering in community for prayer, reflection and dialogue, we can gain wisdom and practices for living more contemplatively and authentically in our everyday contexts.  

Kimberly offer a variety of retreats and workshops for those interested in growing and deepening their spiritual lives.   Call or email Kimberly to discuss your group’s needs and interests and to check her availability.

Here is a sampling of retreats and workshops Kimberly has led.  These themes can be adapted into various formats to fit the schedule and needs of your particular group. 

Living in the Flow of Grace:  Looking to Jesus’ life and ministry as a model, learn the four dimensions of a balanced spiritual life and how these can be woven into a life-giving rhythm of prayer and service.

Honest to God:  Discovering New Ways to Pray:  Deepen your understanding and experience of prayer.  Trying on different practices, you are invited to shape an ongoing life of prayer uniquely suited to you and this season of your spiritual journey.   

Honoring Sabbath: Renewal for Weary Souls:  (Re)Discover this life-giving practice, honoring the necessary rhythms between work and rest, play and prayer.  Learn to weave Sabbath moments and practices into you life, renewing souls and communities.

The Enneagram as a Tool for Spiritual Growth:  Learn how this centuries-old, and now widely used personality system can be a powerful tool for understanding yourself and others, and helping you grow in humility, wisdom and compassion. 

Life-Giving Relationships:  Give your relationships the attention and time they need to thrive.  Learn or strengthen ways of relating to God, yourself, your family and friends, and your wider communal circles.  

Mindful Eating:  The Spirituality of Food:  Change the world by changing what and how you eat.  Discover how meals become occasions for delight, gratitude, and communion, while supporting a more just and sustainable world.

Simplifying Our Lives:  Explore ways to simplify your schedule, home and work space, financial life, and social networks so that we and others can experience more wholeness, joy, and abundance.  

Vocation:  What is Mine to Do?:  With a Christian understanding of vocation, learn how to discern how God has uniquely shaped and gifted you for particular work in this world.

As for costs, Kimberly will work with you to determine a compensation that is affordable for your group, and consummate with the time and energy she will invest in your community.