In these days of busy schedules, information overload, and personal fatigue, many of us long for a place of quiet calm and community.  We invite and welcome you to join us for these evening worship gatherings that draw from ancient and contemporary wisdom sources, offering time for quiet stillness, singing and chanting, reflection with Scripture and other sacred texts, intimate prayer and conversation, and silent meditation in a contemplative space.  

Our 2019 focus is Thank God Our Time Is Now:   Following Jesus in Fractured America

Following Jesus is never easy, but it seems especially difficult these days when there is so much suffering, injustice, dividedness, and rancor. What does the way of Jesus offer us in a time like this? How do we have a prophetic imagination about the world we believe God desires and continue to build that, in the thick of empire, exile, and wilderness? How do we stay rooted in truth and love through prayer, reflection and community, so that we can stay sane, hopeful, inspired, and compassionate?

This year, we will explore through scripture and other sacred texts what it means to have a public faith, how our theology and spirituality shape our whole way of being in the world, and what God is inviting us to know and do to more fully realize the Beloved Community, even now.

Come and find rest and nourishment for your weary soul.

About the Community:  We are a growing community of Christian seekers, from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and life experiences, drawn to engage and support one another in authentic relationships, contemplative spiritual practice, and compassionate action in the world.

When:  Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm

Where:  Quaker Meeting House, 701 W. Howard Street, Decatur, GA30030

Suggestion Donation:  $10-20

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