Spiritual direction conversations often focus on, but are not limited to, these areas of exploration.

  • Prayer – How do I connect with the Divine?  What are the practices uniquely suited for my soul and this season in my life?
  • Self-Awareness – Underneath my various roles and activities, who am I?  What are my particular gifts, and what are my growing edges?  Why do I think, feel, and act the ways I do?
  • Vocation – What is my greater purpose in life?  How am I called and equipped to join God in the healing of the world?  How is this related or unrelated to my chosen profession/career?
  • Relationships – How do I find companionship in partners, friends, and communities?  How can I grow in my love and understanding of those closest to me?  How do I negotiate conflicts or transitions in my relationships?
  • Daily Living – How do I see and experience God in my ordinary day-to-day existence?  How do I shape a life that is reflective of my beliefs and values?

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