It is one of the most highly anticipated, worried over, beautiful days of your life.  You want everything, including your ceremony, to reflect who you are and how you understand the commitment you are making to one another.  You want it to be personal and meaningful, to welcome and respect the community gathered, to flow with care and ease into the fabulous reception you have planned for afterward.

Kimberly would love to help plan and officiate your ceremony

Kimberly's love of people and ritual is beautifully evident in the services she officiates.   Believing these ceremonies are significant events in the process of becoming united, she considers it a sacred honor and privilege to be able to lead in this time of celebration and commitment-making.  She loves getting to know couples, hearing their stories, learning of their love and longings for life and marriage, eliciting their hopes and visions for their wedding day, and then weaving all that together into a personalized ceremony that honors and celebrates you and your love.  While she comes from a particular faith tradition (Christian), she has experience working with couples of various backgrounds.  So whether you and your beloved are on the same religious page, come from different backgrounds, consider yourself spiritual but not religious, or are not quite sure what you believe, she will work with you to create a ceremony that is rich and meaningful and unique to you and yours.

Kimberly has over fifteen years of experience planning, creating, and leading personalized wedding ceremonies for all kinds of couples and in various settings.  She would love to meet with you, talk about your hopes and visions for your wedding ceremony and see how she can help you create an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

To see if Kimberly is available on your date and schedule an initial meeting, contact her.